Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday, March 21 - Day 1, post 1

We arrived today! UIC rode the train with DePaul for a fun 19 hours! (U of I joined on later.) the train ride was fairly uneventful, except for Doug being called nasty by the train lady and the train speaker who reminded us of snoop dogg. When we arrived to the Marina Motel we dropped off our bags and walked around the docks. It was so windy you would have thought we were back in Chicago! The 150 of us piled in our dining hall for dinner and introductions. Everyone was in good spririts to excited to be here! After that, we were free to do as we chose… of course everyone was back at 1am curfew so we could be refreshed for our 1st day of work! We are all happy to have made it! we survived DAY ONE! Love UIC

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